Saturday, February 6, 2010

The issue of unwanted issues

The world a centaury ago is a different place and it used to be a bigger place and now its a completely different situation and this is a big  change. And I firmly believe humans are at their best in this civilization. I am very proud of my generation and I feel very lucky to be born in this generation.

We have every thing from Advanced medical facilities to Nano technology and we are living the science fiction of previous generations and we should make the most of it and we are overdoing our part .. We are quacking like a duck rather than soaring like an eagle !.

I love social media , technology and all and its good only when used in a proper way, Haiti was a perfect example, when the whole world felt sorry for the earthquake victims .. social media started its magic show . people started to pour in photos,links, videos and blah blah ,collected millions and dollars which is wonderful .. and amazing collective work ..

same time I read a post which had title people are more interested in Lindsay lohan than Haiti victims   and I tweeted it and a some one  replied , do you know twitter and facebook are reason to collect million of dollars with in few hours of disaster , I didn't replied to him that time, this post is my reply..

Why do thousands of people die in a earth quake ? is earth quake worse than Tsunami .. definitely no , earth quakes don't kill people but bad building will ! when the worlds 10th most corrupted country is hit by such disaster and sending a millions of dollars will not help it recover that easily , I mean more Physical help and people who are willing to go there and help them are much needed ..

People no longer tweet or  write about Haiti any more because its old topic to tweet or write about .. they need new topics and news to write about .. We talk about a lot of unwanted issues and topics , people need to use their brain and analyze which is more important topic IPad or Haiti .. Site like mashable,techcrunch write minute by minute updates Ipad will be like this like that and here are new leaked pictures and blah blah and we read each post like a sheep ..

what good will it do , the product will come out right , then we can know about it .. why waste valuable time speculating ..remember this the world is a very selfish place , you are the friend and foe of yourself and the media,social media ,blogs,websites always want you to read what they wanted you to read not what is truth …

Humanity first any thing next.. a ounce of  help is better than tons of speech .. lets build a better planet . don't get carried away with the buzz or crowd , be yourself..